Pam Anderson Opposes and flip flopped on automatic voter registration.

  • During a debate during the republican primary, Pam Anderson said "I agree,” she says. “Automatic voter registration with the Democratic legislature was wrong for Colorado and has eroded our voter lists. I know what they are.” 
  • CPR reported Pam Anderson opposes AVR.
  • Anderson previously supported AVR. One week before Anderson launched her campaign, she joined Boulder County Clerk Fitzpatrick praising Colorado AVR.
  • AVR registered over 350,000 Colordans. 
  • In October 2021, Anderson wrote a bi-partisan op-ed in support of Colorado’s Automatic Voter Registration system in the Colorado Sun.
  • "Opinion: Colorado’s voter-registration system is a model of accessibility for the Country" By Pam Anderson and Molly Fitzpatrick:

“Critical to keeping Colorado as our nation’s leader when it comes to voter participation and election security is our state’s automatic voter-registration system. Just over a year ago, a new automatic voter-registration system became fully operational in our state, and it’s already helping to ensure that every eligible voter in Colorado, Republican, Democrat, or unaffiliated, has their voice heard in our elections, while keeping voter rolls updated.

Why is our automatic voter-registration system so effective?

It ensures that every eligible voter who wants to vote in our state gets registered. To get registered or update a voter registration, all an eligible voter needs to do is interact with a state agency, such as a motor vehicle office, which already collects much of the information necessary for voter registration like citizenship status, address, name, and age.....”

“Not only is our automatic voter-registration system the most effective in registering eligible voters, it’s more efficient.”

Anderson opposed policies that would increase voter access

  • In 2019, Anderson testified against HB19-1278, which expanded drop boxes, in person voting, and guaranteed voting access on every public college and tribal lands. Anderson then testified in a ‘neutral’ position when the bill made it to the state senate.
  • Pam Anderson opposes HR 1. HR 1 would expand voter access, protect the right to vote, require AVR, early voting, prevent voter purges, combat partisan gerrymandering and more.
  • Pam Anderson opposes H.R. 4, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Next on 9 News Interview, October 25, 2021 minute 12 minute.

Anderson campaigned alongside election deniers

  • On August 9th, Anderson campaigned alongside Heidi Ganhnal, Erik Adland and Election denialist Randy Corporon. Anderson said,  “I’m proud to stand up and support every candidate here today.”
  • On August 24th, Anderson campaigned alongside Heidi Gahnal, and election denier Danny Moore.
Colorado's Pam Anderson campaigns with Republican election deniers

Anderson appealed to extremists in the republican party

She claimed that she will crack down on ballot harvesting, a conspiracy theory popularized by Donald Trump and the movie 2000 mules.

Who Is Pam Anderson? - Republican Candidate for Secretary of State